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Da Numba 1

This site is dedicated to all you fucked up white sons of bitches who hate the world around them and everyone in it. Actually this place is just a piece of shit that will soon be forgotten. Heh, similar to every motherfucker that has lived, is living, and will live. The format and layout is changing so hopefully it will fit my personality just a little better. If you don't like it, email me so I can invite you to suck my dick.

Life has been cruel since the day I was born. Events could have been worse but I was born with this cursed brain. I am not totally sure why, but it is mostly my doing. I am like cancer. My will is to live, but in doing so, I destroy all that is around me until my host (the world), say your Uncle Leo, dies and I subsequently die with him. Either I destroy the world and those around me, or I am cut out and tossed away to die alone. On one hand I can die alone, on the other I can be happier and die with people around me, destroying them as well. Decisions, decisions... But cancer always wants to be happy and keep multiplying and I find myself leaning towards the wanting to be happy side. Call me selfish. Go ahead... I don't really care what you think about me, I am just rambling as usual. Stay tuned for more wonderful tangents, sidetracks, and unrelated-to-anything opinions.

To see pictures from when I visited Cancun, a week in my life where all was right with the world Click Here . About two days after returning home, Allison broke up with me over the phone. I don't think I would even have the guts to do something so obscenely ignorant. Nice kick in the balls that was. Thanks a lot.